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Of Interest to Readers
This page will be devoted to sharing information that may be of interest to you if
you describe yourself as a READER. They come from many sources and will
mostly be presented as links to other web pages or PDF documents. We hope
they enrich your reading experience.
New York Times 100 Notable Books of 2014  is a very useful fiction site. It provides a
brief bio of authors and lists their titles by publication date and organizes
titles by series. The series information is especially helpful for patrons
who want to read an author's works in order. Some authors have more
that one series going on at the same time!
Read about another library on
the other side of the country
that is in similar financial
circumstances in this
Times article
If you like Mysteries in Foreign Lands check out this link :
Learn a foreign language for free
The Redwood Coast Review, founded in 1999, was published by Friends of
Coast Community Library in cooperation with the Independent Coast Observer of
Gualala. It appeared quarterly as a section of the ICO. 1500 copies were also
distributed independently to selected bookstores, cafés, libraries and
cultural centers in California. Click to read back issues.